Welcome to Conservation Summer!

We're the Ruffed Grouse Society and American Woodcock Society (RGS & AWS). Our mission is to promote healthy forests through active management, so that current and future generations can enjoy abundant wildlife through ethical conservation and recreation.

What’s a ruffed grouse and woodcock? Well we’re glad you asked! Both are forest-dwelling birds that require specific habitat to thrive. Grouse spend their lives in generally the same area where they were born, while woodcock migrate south every fall and return every spring. Their migration has taken them to quite a few peculiar places!

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Each membership Includes an annual subscription to Covers Magazine, a junior member patch and a limited run decal.

When we talk about healthy forests, what do you think that means? For us, as members of the scientific community, that means young, middle-aged and old trees, lots of species, ample food for wildlife and free of diseases and other pests. Darn you beetles!

Your role as a Junior Member of RGS & AWS gives you an opportunity to help your local region’s forests through habitat work, community events, or even by communicating with your elected officials.

Generous members of our organization have provided this free opportunity for you because they believe that you’re never too young to start caring about the wildlife.