Why We Hunt, with Member Britney Starr

A single moment. One split second, combined with millions of sights, sounds, smells and thoughts that make a lifetime of memories.

Brit and DadA running Ruff, finally pinned by a relentless shorthair. Anticipation. Holding your breath as the world switches to slow motion. The flush. The smell of gunpowder. Feathers and a leaf floating to the ground, backlit by the sun. Proud smiles.

Garage-sale purchased clown masks and the dad/uncles who are eagerly waiting for the perfect time to carry out the sneak attack they’ve been planning for months. Laughing until your sides hurt. Tailgate lunches and cold drinks.

Brit and Mom (1024x768)



The sound of truck horn blasts, signaling the direction you should have walked. Getting “the business” about how you’re the only two blondes with a GPS who could get lost 500 yards from where you parked. Knowing you weren’t really lost, just  . . . “turned around.”


Swamp GrouseAdventure. When a shallow puddle suddenly morphs into the depths of a lake. The feeling of water filling your boots, as you sink up to your armpits into an abyss you didn’t realize existed. Swamp grouse.

Brit and Wesson with woodcockPuppies that turn into veterans. A tug on your heartstrings. The internal pull you feel as soon as the air starts to get crisp. Realizing every second of aspen branches flicking your frozen earlobes, homemade apple pies, spider webs stuck to your face, stunning views, burning calf muscles, blazing campfires, tired bird dogs and burnt powder are the moments that make up who you are – your past, and your future.

image001A southpaw from Michigan’s “Northwoods”, Britney Starr is a lifelong outdoorswoman and shooting enthusiast with a passion for upland bird hunting, German shorthaired pointers (namely her GSP “Wesson”) and over-and-under shotguns. A graduate of Western Michigan University, she holds a degree in journalism and is currently the Marketing Specialist at SportDOG Brand.




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