Day 1 Redux of the Grouse Camp Tour

Day 1 of the inaugural RGS Grouse Camp Tour took place on October 19, 2015 in central Minnesota. RGS Staff, Matt Soberg, Seth Heasley, and Nick Larson met up with local member and chapter committee member Aaron Regier. The day was spent following him and his setter female “Wren” around some of his favorite public hunting spots.

Wren is a younger dog in terms of a grouse dog (the common thought is it takes about 4 years for a complete or “automatic” grouse dog), what was evident to the RGS crew was that Aaron had surely invested the time and boot leather into her. Aaron made a great shot over her taking a grouse as it was going away (the way William Harnden Foster wrote about in his classic New England Grouse Shooting) that had flushed behind his back.

It was a good day with some grouse work, and for some of the dogs (from PA), it was truly their opening day and first time out for the season. We asked Aaron a few questions about why he became actively involved in the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Watch here to see what he had to say:


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